Mint ‘n Co.

This job came in by a friend. He works at Mint ‘n Co., a massage boutique. The business had recently changed ownership and the new owner of the business, Izumi, had started a rebranding project and part of the rebrand included a new website.

A new website for a new rebrand

Natasha Pradith did the rebrand and gave me the designs to build from. While going through the designs, we discovered that the site didn’t just need to be an aesthetic refresh. We found that the website could be used to improve current business processes as well

Improving business processes

During the initial meeting, we discovered that the site could also be an opportunity to improve the business processes of Mint ‘n Co. A few key issues we found were:

  • The current site was built on an old inflexible CMS.
  • Customer emails were being saved in a Word document and were copy and pasted whenever they wanted to send email newsletters and updates.
  • Bookings were managed in Excel and Microsoft access.

We decided that the new website would also address these issues.

What was done

I ended up building the new website in WordPress. Mailchimp was integrated into the site to handle email marketing. A booking service called timely was used and integrated into the website to handle future bookings. Other manual process such as contacting the business and gift card orders were also digitised to reduce the amount of manual work needed.

The end result: A better website and a better business.

In the months after launch, Izumi and the team at Mint ‘n’ Co. was saving countless hours per week. They could now use the time saved to take on more clients or spend that time working on improving the business rather than working in the business.

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