Ramen and Omurice

I love watching videos of world class chefs working in their restaurants, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

Recently I watched two videos, one about a ramen shop, Ginza Hachigou, the other about an omurice (egg served on top of fried rice) restaurant, Kichi kichi omurice. Both restaurants are extremely popular with people lining up for hours to get a taste.

What impressed me wasn’t the success of the restaurant but the dedication the owners have put into their craft of cooking, specifically, serving ramen and omurice. It got me thinking.

What is it like to spend decades honing a craft in order to perfect a single recipe? To truly focus on ‘one thing, done well’?

I also wonder if this thinking can be applied to what we do as web developers?

Anyway, here are the videos

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