Book notes: Twenty Bits I Learned About Making Websites

  • Separating display and logic in your PHP templates

    A quick tip when building your theme is to separate any logic to the display of your data. For example you might have this code (taken from the codex) in your single.php to loop through and show the categories for a particular post But by putting the code inside the template you’re mixing logic (looping […]

  • Three questions to help you focus and reduce unnecessary web work

    Why are we doing this? How does this help our users? Is there a simpler way?

  • Some observations from building block themes

    I’ve recently built a couple of block themes in the last few months, the first was for this website and the second was for Molten, a theme that I built for restaurant owners and people in the food and drink industry. Building block themes has been an interesting and pretty good experience overall but there […]

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